In recent years, obtaining the reliable funding that ensures the long term profitability of a business has become much more of a challenge, with many traditional lenders restricting lines of credit to many entrepreneurs. This limited availability of funding frequently denies business the inventory, equipment, facilities and other asset essential to establishing a competitive business.

Consistent access to capital is often the central factor to its sustained success, and for this reason the Bright Green Capital team focuses exclusively on loans for small businesses, protecting their long term outlook with our range of custom funding options. Funding from Bright Green Capital can quickly provide your organization with the flexibility to upgrade its critical equipment, hire new staff, or simply maintain greater cashflow.

Bright Green Capital’s dedication to facilitating the growth of small businesses has made us a proven name within the small business community, with a significant percentage of our clients reporting revenue boosts in excess of 25 percent within 90 days of receiving a loan. Some of our entrepreneurs are even able to translate their newfound financial relief into 200 percent revenue gains over the first 6 months, and it’s this consistent performance that brings 3 out of 4 of the businesses we work with back to us multiple times in the average year.

Why Loans with Bright Green Capital?

Bright Green Capital exercises an entrepreneur-friendly evaluation policy, eliminating complicated application requirements in favor of a streamlined system. We also have an expedited approval procedure so you can access your funding sooner. Bright Green Capital takes a focus on the cashflow of your business when analyzing its health instead of focusing on credit scores, opening our resources to companies that display the most potential.

At Bright Green Capital we specialize in providing small business loans to company leaders that may not qualify for traditional loans, showing our commitment to the advancement of small business in our high approval rates and customizable repayment terms. A developing business demands constant infusions of capital to encourage its growth, and the Bright Green Capital team is here to help you identify the ideal financial flexibility solution for you. Call now for a free consultation.